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Back Pain and A Little Known Statistics

The overwhelming majority of people will experience back pain, including severe pain at some point in their lives. The numbers don’t lie. Statistically, over 80% of Americans will suffer from this very challenging and painful ailment.

Low Back

Low back pain may occur due to twisting wrong or it may be a disc issue. Low back pain can happen for kids all the way to seniors. The pain does not discriminate.


The sciatic nerve can shoot fire and lightning bolt pains throughout your body. It can seize your back with such pain that you drop to your knees before you even realize that you’re on the ground. The inflammation that may be the cause of the impinged nerve may not be visible to the eye. But the effect is ever-present. Chiropractic adjustments for all types of back pain can be effective, but there are times that even this treatment is not enough. That’s when we may be your best smart choice.

Upper and Middle Back Pain.

Your central nervous system is protected by your spinal cord and when your back is hurting you’re impacting way more areas of your body than just your back. That’s why your body sends out such powerfully painful signals to let you know that a vital part of your body is not in good working condition. Don’t look into how surgery may or may not help first. It’s wise to seek a natural, non-invasive, drug-free, and safe option.

Your first option should be to learn more about our services. Do your research and you’ll discover why so many people just like choose us, and they, as well as their family, are very glad they made this wise choice. Will you?
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Before you consider surgery, call our office to see if you may qualify for umbilical cord tissue product therapy.  Our dedicated & compassionate team of practitioners is here to help you get real results and the quality of life you deserve.

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