Why Choose Umbilical Tissue Product Therapy at bioCHK?

Why Choose Us Over All Of The Other Options? Here’s Why.


3 Principles of The bioCHK Difference


The definition of integrity is: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

We are different because we work under the principle of handling our patients with integrity and compassion.

We are honest about if we believe umbilical tissue product therapy may work for you. But we cannot guarantee that it will work. Just like a surgeon can’t guarantee total knee replacement work. And in fact, a large number of joint replacement surgeries do not work.

The surgeon did not have any intentions for the expensive and painful surgery that carries a list of risks including death, to not work. The surgeon then will want you to pay for another surgery in hopes of it being successful. Is that their fault? Honestly, the answer is no. But does it happen all the time? Yes.

Fortunately, because we are careful in selecting patients who we believe will see positive results, we don’t have large numbers of people who don’t get positive results. But, once again, umbilical tissue product therapy is not guaranteed and the results will vary.

Some patients get 100% relief, and some may only get 50% or 40%. But that is still amazing!

Think of it like this. If you had an investment that gave you a 40% return on investment then you’d be trying to put more money into that investment as quickly as possible – Right?

By the way, we do have patients who come back for additional treatments because they realize just how smart of an investment it is to invest in your health.


At  bioCHK, we are determined and dedicated to helping as many people as we possibly can achieve a life of less pain and inflammation.

Inflammation has been linked to so many additional diseases and ailments, and if we can help people not end up on the slippery slope of painkillers and their addictive characteristics then we feel we’re doing our part to help make this a better world.

Pain is a thief that robs you of the quality of life you deserve. We’re using umbilical tissue product therapy to put this ‘thief’ in jail so it can’t bring you more harm.


Our commitment to build and grow gives us the advantage of leverage. As each of our doctors get better they can share the advancements within the team and that allows for ‘iron to sharpen iron’. We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of umbilical tissue product therapy innovations.

We’re committed to strict standards for our team members. We start at the top and going down to whoever takes out the trash.

We tell everyone to take pride in their work because as we do our best to continually be our best then that assures you’ll get the best services available.

That’s why bioCHK is different. Not just different for the sake of being different, but different to make a difference!



Ready to Experience A Renewed Quality of life?

Before you consider surgery, call our office to see if you may qualify for umbilical cord tissue product therapy.  Our dedicated & compassionate team of practitioners is here to help you get real results and the quality of life you deserve.

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